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Coenzyme Q10:
1)Coenzyme Q10 nano-emulsion 1% 5% 10%
It utilized the unique emulsification technology to emulsify and stabilize nano0sized droplets of Coenzyme Q10 in emulsion...The product has superior water-solubility and bioavailability. It is used as nutrition fortifier and functional additive in nutraceutical and cosmetic products.

2)Coenzyme Q10 10% 20% 40% CWS Food Grade
It utilizes the unique microencapsule technology to encapsulate and stabilize submicro-sized droplets of Coezyme Q10 in a water-soluble shell. The product has excellent cold-water-dispersability, stability and fowability. It is used as nutrition fortifier in nutraceutical, beverage, milk powder and food products.

3)Pharmaceutical Grade Coenzyme Q10
It is produced by microorganism fermentation method...It conforms to USP, EP and JP standards.


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