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Feverfew Extract
[Botanical source]: Tanacetum Parthenium
[Active ingredient]: Parthenolide
[Specification]: 0.3% - 5% By HPLC

The medicinal function:
1. White chrysanthemum extract has strong antitumor activity. This extract can destroy the acute myelogenous leukemia cell leukemia drugs, the great help. The white chrysanthemum the extract can pertinently eliminate acute and chronic lead hair of myeloid leukaemia stem cells, fundamentally curb the happening of the disease.

2. Chamomile extract can be used to cure white from migraines to many diseases including rheumatoid inflammation. It can also and other natural medicinal plants into powder (capsule).

3.Three white chrysanthemum extract, flooding wind can be used for treatment of intestines and stomach bloated.

4. White chrysanthemum can be used to extract given. It agent, pesticides (parasites).

5. White chrysanthemum extract can also be used to relieve renal pain, dizziness and vomiting this morning.




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