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Marigold Extract Powder
[Active Ingredient ]Lutein ^^HPLC

Quality Specification of below are available from us:
1) Lutein 5%-90% UV/HPLC powder
2) Lutein 5%-20% HPLC water soluble powder
3) Lutein 5%-20% HPLC beadlet Powder for tablet
4) Lutein 2% UV Feed grade powder
5) Lutein Ester 5%-10% Powder HPLC
6) Supercritical Marigold Oleoresin 100-230g/kg
7) Marigold Oleoresin 100-200g/kg

And Zeaxanthin
1) Zeaxanthin 5%-60% HPLC powder Food grade
2) Zeaxanthin 5%-20% HPLC water soluble powder
3) Zeaxanthin 5%-20% HPLC beadlet Powder for tablet




Carrot Extract, &Szlig; -Carotene Powder
Black Sesame Extract
Capsaicin, Capsaicinoids 95%


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