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Plant Extracts> Octacosanol(Policosanol)        


[Product Name] Octacosanol(Policosanol)
[Chemical Name]n-Octacosanol
[Botanical Source]Sugarcane wax

[Physical and Chemicalproperties]white crystalline powder; Soluble in Chloroform, Petroleum Ether, Ethanol, Acetone, Ethyl ether, Benzene, insoluble in water.

[Specification]Total Alcohols≥ 90.0%, Octacosanol≥ 60.0% (GC)

[Function and Usage]
Different with other lipid reducing drugs such as Lovastatin, policosanol inhibits the cholesterol biosynthesis during the consumption of acetic acid and occurrence of mevalonic acid, but not to carry out the direct inhibition to HMG-CoA, the key enzyme of cholesterol biosynthesis.

Policosanol has demonstrated potent effect on reducing the liquid peroxidation in the serum, specially on inhibiting lipid peroxidation induced by CCL4 in rat's liver microsome, as well as the oxidation of very low-density lipprotein (VLDL) and lipid peroxidation of rat lipprotein caused by Cu24 thus, it can bring potential accessorial therapeutic benefit to atherosclerotic damages.

Blood vessel endo thelial tonic function also goes to polico sanol. It lowers endothelial counts in the serum of spontaneous hypertensive rats with endothelial damages induced by citrate, and rabbit with such damages caused by operation instruments.,

Octacosanol has the obviously anti-weary effect, already demonstrating the unique charm in the food industry, the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry as well as the correlative industry.




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