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Puerariae Extract (Kudzuvine root extract),
Part use: Root
Plant Original: Pueraria Lobata (wild) Ohwi
Molecular Formula: C21H20O9(Puerarin)
Molecular Weight: 416.38
CAS No: 3681-99-0(Puerarin)

Available Specification:
1) Puerarin 10% -99.98% (HPLC), White crystalline solid
2) Pueraria Isoflavones (Redix Puerarin Flova): 40-99% (UV-VIS &HPLC)Yellow brown Fine Powder
3) Pueraria Isoflavones (Redix Puerarin Flova): Water solubility 10-80% (HPLC)Yellow brown Fine Powder

Main Function:
1. Relieve Tension in muscles and promote blood circulation
2. Descend myocardial oxygen consumption and resist cancers.
3. Increase coronary blood flow and stimulate blood micro-cycle.
4. Treat sudden deaf of all aged group.
5. Promote the risk of cardiovascular diseases.




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