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Product name: Extract from cell/tissue culture of Saussurea Involucrata(Snow Saussurea, Xuelian, Snow lotus)

Specifications: Total Flavonoids(Based On Rutin) 8%

Appearance: Purplish grey powder/ purple liquid

Botanical resources & Used part: Cell/tissue culture of Saussurea Involucrata. Also named Snow Saussurea, Xuelian, Snow lotus.

Taking wild Saussurea involucrate as the raw material, Snow Lotuses Powdered Extract is manufactured with the modern technology of abstraction and concentration of Chinese crude drug and vacuum drying in low temperature. It contains active factors of cell such as alkaloid, flavones, volatile oil, xuelianlactone, polycose, 16 kinds of amino acids and so on, with the efficacy of promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction, eliminating cold and dampness, delaying aging, nourish yin and strengthening yang, treating all kinds of cold, resisting radiation, ultraviolet, aging, defatigation and tumor, removing oxygen free radical, etc. It can be widely applied as the additives in pharmacy, cosmetics and health food. And as the raw material of addition in cosmetics, Snow Lotuses Powdered Extract can effectively protect skin from the damage of ultraviolet with the SPF of 22 DSE, improve skin pigmentation, delay skin aging for longevity.





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