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Plant Extracts> Wolfberry extract  


[Product Name]Wolfberry extract
[Active Ingredient]Polysacchrides
Appearance: Yellow brown power
[Specification]Polysacchrides 10%-50% (UV)

[Function and Usage]
Laboratory studies have shown wolfberry fruit improve lymphocyte transformation rate and macrophage phagocytic function. Wolfberry fruits contain phytochemicals with antioxidant activity and could slow the ageing process, wolfberry fruit phytochemicals help to prevent oxidation of DNA and helps to restore damaged DNA.

Studies suggest that wolfberry extracts could inhibit DNA mutation and stop the growth of cancer cells.

1. Improving immunity, Anti-oxidation, Anti-aging
2. Lowering blood pressure and promoting cell activity
3. Preventing and curing cancers
4. Alleviate fatigue, loss of appetite and blurred vision
5. Reducing serum cholesterol
6. Strengthening the function of hematopoiesis
7. Nourishing liver and kidney and supporting the liver function.




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