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Cordyceps Cs-4

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Cordyceps Cs-4

Cordyceps Cs-4

Fermentation cordyceps powder

It is sweet and acrid in taste and warm in mature, acting through lung and kidney channels, used to replenish the bone marrow and increase blood production, and is used in cases of fatigue, sexual impotence, night sweat, anemia, Bacterial infections, and debility after illness. For most conditions, this product is prepared as a food supplement. 

The spec of raw material is as follows,

1. 100% of particle pass 40 mesh, 60 mesh. And 80 mesh.

2. Cordycepic Acid (D-Mannitol) >14 %

3. Polysaccharides >19 %.

4. Adenosine (mg/g), NLT .30% By HPLC

5. Total Plate Count(cfu/g) <1000cfu/g

6. Mold (cfu/g), NMT<100cfu/g

7. Yeast (cfu/g), NMT<100cfu/g



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